Babymoon: Santorini, Greece

Have you ever heard of a babymoon? It’s one of those new words that kind of makes my stomach turn (like “bae,” or “YOLO”, or the use of “chill” as an adjective), but regardless, I’m all about the idea of it.

A babymoon is a relaxing, romantic holiday for the mom and dad to-be, before the baby arrives.

When we moved to England, I knew that I really wanted to go to the Greek Isles. I wanted ocean views and cliffs covered in those famous white and blue buildings. So, when we found out that Baby was on its way, I said, “You’re taking me to Greece.”


After a long day of travelling, we arrived on the island just as the sun was going down. We couldn’t see much – just a dim purple stripe over the water as the sun set. The soft white of our home for the next few days – Agali Houses – glowed in the dusk and a cool breeze blew around us. Immediately, I was relaxed! Everyone at Agali Houses was so kind and welcoming – they whipped up a snack for us and gave us a free bottle of Greek wine.

The next morning we awoke to the most breathtaking view. I just kept thinking, “Is this real life?!”

The view from the kitchen of our own little villa.

The view from the kitchen of our own little villa.

I might not hate washing the dishes as much if this were the view from my kitchen window!

I might not hate washing the dishes as much if this were the view from my kitchen window!

Our villa was absolutely perfect. It was private, comfortable, pristine, and had a wonderful front patio. We ate breakfast and lunch out on the patio every day.

Our villa!

Our villa!

The view from our Villa

The view from our Villa

The view really was amazing. We were perfectly content sitting on the patio or by the pool for hours, just reading and taking it all in. This was not a trip for adventures or delving into the culture – this was for pure relaxation. And let me tell you, Santorini is the perfect place for just that!

Agali Houses

Agali Houses – this place was perfect! And in the best location on the island.

We didn’t just sit on our hineys the entire time… Every morning we would wake up, eat breakfast on the patio, and then venture out for a walk. We were located in the perfect spot on the island, in a town called Firostefani (between the main cities of Fira and Oia). It was much quieter than the “bigger” cities, and we could walk to everything. We enjoyed walking the paths that lined the cliffs, seeing the view change as we went, and catching glimpses of those who live on Santorini. Peak-season is June through September, so when we went in May things were just starting to gear up. So, we saw lots of people setting up their stores and restaurants for the season, washing down windows, cleaning pools, and repainting and repainting and repainting. The repainting must be a constant project on the island – and I bet they go through massive quantities of white paint!

IMG_8409 IMG_8402 IMG_8365 IMG_8362 IMG_8359

After our walk, we’d return to our villa and spend the afternoon napping, lounging by the pool and generally enjoying being together! 🙂

The pool behind us, the sea (and volcano!) in front of us. Not bad at all.

The pool behind us, the sea (and volcano!) in front of us. Not bad at all.

We went over a month ago – and life has been busy and full of change since our return – but I still think back to those lazy days spent on the island and smile. It was such a lovely time to spend together, connect with Baby D, and relax!!!

I highly highly highly recommend a babymoon (or two!), even if it isn’t to a place like Santorini. But on that note, I highly highly highly recommend Santorini and specifically Agali Houses. It was truly luxurious, idyllic, and relaxing from the moment we arrived. And also, I’d recommend Santorini in May. It was hot enough for us to lounge by the pool and sweat on our walks, (the pool was still too cold to swim in) and the island wasn’t too busy. We kept hearing from the locals that it gets reeeeeally hot and reeeeeeally crowded in the peak-season, so May was a perfect time to visit. Either way, check it out, eat your weight in olives and pastries (I recommend Svoronos Bakery), take a deep breath and relax.


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