And so it begins…

This is what I’m sure will be one of many procrastination posts. I began my first Master’s class last week (Research methods) and I already feel like an idiot.

ImageHere are a few confessions/rants of a noob grad student:

– I implemented iPads in my classroom for two years and not once did I use the terms Technology Enhanced Learning, or Technology Learning Community. Nor did I collect quantitative data from my experience to deftly insert into forum posts. Fail.

– I have to look up half of the jargon used in our assignment posts: “phenomenology,” “post-positivism,” etc. especially when combined with other terms, such as “realism in ontology” and “constructionism in epistemology.” My brain hurts.

– Why is it all so disorganized? Where is my syllabus? What reading am I supposed to do this week or next week? People say they’re working on an essay and I immediately get nervous. “Did I miss an essay?! How could I have missed an essay?!” Can I have a suggested timeline for our end-of-module essay?  That’s online learning for ya… Educational technology won’t get ya anywhere. Geesh.   😉

– I looked at the clock earlier and it said 11:18 a.m.  I thought to myself that I’d just search for a few more articles to add to my Mendeley arsenal and looked back at the clock and bam 1:20 p.m. How does that happen? I’ve been sucked back into the strange time-warping vortex that is schoolwork.

A few days ago I was excited, somewhat confident, and enjoying my school reading. Today, I google every other term, read classmates posts for affirmation before posting my own, and email numerous questions to the class tutor, though I am still enjoying it in a slightly masochistic way. Time for lunch, maybe some fresh air, and definitely more coffee.

(On second thought, maybe decaf.)


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