Back to school!

Have you heard the expression “Teachers make the worst students”?  From my observations of teachers participating in day-long continuing ed conferences, I’d say that’s a fair assessment. Run out of coffee and all patience and civility are gone. GONE. 

But there is one thing I know for certain on that topic… This teacher is looking forward to being a student again!

“Ohhh! Ooooh! Me! ME!”

I miss the classroom. I really really miss greeting my students in the morning, working with them throughout the day, praying for them and watching them grow and learn, looking forward to the next unit or topic. I miiiiiisssssssss it. However, as I’ve mentioned before, I see how God is using this season of not teaching in other ways. One of those ways includes me being a student again! 

I am officially enrolled at the University of London working towards a Master of Arts in Educational Technology!  Bring on the books, school supplies, homework, etc.  


First of all, who knew grad-school-shopping was so difficult! Knowing I wanted to focus on educational technology, I searched and searched for online programs. Ironically, most Educational Technology programs are not offered online. Other programs focused more on the infrastructure and programming needed to properly implement technology on the district level, instead of the curricular emphasis I was looking for. After narrowing it down to a few programs I decided on this program at the University of London’s Institute of Education, and I cannot wait to dive in!

I am really interested to see how effective the “distance learning” option will be. Though I am a general proponent for educational technology, I do prefer face-to-face educational opportunities over “distance learning,” yet this seemed like the best option. I’m expecting forum posts, papers and emailing. I would much prefer classroom discussions, group projects and speaking but I do find it fitting that I will be testing the limitations of educational technology as I pursue my master’s in that same field. I am however looking forward to the benefits of online classes: doing my homework in my pajamas, lugging my laptop to wherever I want my “classroom” to be that day, being home with the animals while working, the flexibility it allows for traveling and substitute teaching, etc.  As I age I realize that I have homebody tendencies, so those all sound lovely to me. I’m sure I’ll get a bit stir-crazy from time to time but I’m confident in England’s supply of distractions and outings to remedy that.

Some things you just don’t grow out of.

I also have the option of popping down to London to attend classes and conferences or go to the library in person, which is a definite benefit over other programs programmes. (I do, however, need to practice practise writing in British English, not American English. That should be interesting!)

My classes, well, class – I’m starting small with one module – begins today.  New planner, favorite notebook and pen in hand, I anxiously logged on to my laptop. “Access denied.” Whaaaa? When taking classes online, access to the website is imperative. After many phone calls to their admissions office and tech support (where he waltzed all around the question “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”) I discovered that I am registered, however I’m merely “in the queue” to gain computer access. Dang. Brits sure do love queuing. Access should be granted overnight and I should be able to log on and get caught up tomorrow. So for now, this super-excited former-teacher’s-pet can’t-wait-for-school-to-start nerd is feeling disappointed.


I guess I’ll have to wait one more day to start school. So I sit, drinking a latte, watching Gilmore Girls and writing this post, reminding myself that in a few days I will probably think back to my current bored state with longing. But now, I’m eagerly anticipating school!


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