Favorite UK Adverts

Today anything thoughtful or witty eludes me. (Side note: this happens often.)  Nothing incredibly new or exciting is happening in our lives at the moment, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about one of the things Sam and I appreciate about being in England:  Lack of American television.

Whenever we’re on base and we see snippets of CNN, Fox News, or any other never-ceasing-news-drivel, I am reminded of how much I do not miss it. The constant diatribes over the same topics, just slightly reworded or looked at from a different viewpoint make me want to scream. I do NOT miss any of the political blabbering, I do NOT miss hearing about what new pseudo-celebs are all the rage, I do NOT miss the vast majority of American television.  There are a few shows I keep up with through Hulu:  The Voice, The Sing-off, Project Runway when it was on, and occasionally Parenthood, though this season is a little lack-luster. But overall, Sam and I have discovered quite a few British shows we love – their sense of humor is right up our alley – but one thing I’ve really appreciated is the commercials, or “adverts.”  I find them significantly less annoying than their US counterparts. First of all, most try to be upbeat and funny without lowering the comedic bar or they’re visually impressive and creative, they are family friendly for the most part, they don’t make mothers appear all-knowing while the bumbling fathers just try to keep up.

So, here are some of my favorite commercials I’ve seen here lately. I hope they are all visible to you in the states… I know on occasion I’ll try to watch a video and it will say it’s available in the US only, so I apologize if the opposite happens for you. There are quite a few videos, but most are short and sweet. Enjoy! 🙂

Up first, a commercial for Haribo gummy candies, which are by the way, DELISH. And this little girl is precious and funny.

“Unfortunately… his head fell off.”

Next up, a commercial for Specsavers, a chain similar to Lenscrafters.

Just to clarify, that is not how I used to teach Zumba.

Next is one that, I must say, is one of me and Sam’s favorites. It’s very well done.  Ha! (Maybe steer your young kids away for this one though…)

This one I love. It’s unique for what it’s advertising, and it has great music by a band I love, M83.

Okay, now we’re getting into the Christmas category. The Brits do these very well.

Animated and filled with the Christmas-warm-fuzzy feeling, this is one of my favorites:

This next one is great. I love this imagery and the joy of the kids. Plus, CADBURY!

Aldi over here has great commercials as well. This sneaky little brother makes me smile.

Here’s one additional excellent Christmas commercial, although it is a few years old. I think it is precious, and it’s EXACTLY how I feel about Christmas this year. (ONLY 7 MORE SLEEPS!)

Okay, and now I have to end with the one commercial that haunts us. We HATE this jingle. It might not sound terrible at first, but the last five seconds really stick with you, especially when it comes on during just about every commercial break. It’s almost as shrill as Jared’s Galleria of Jewelry (“That’s JARREEDDDD!”) and as mind-numbing as either of Menard’s Jingles (“Save big money at Menarrrds,” or “More season’s greetings to you all from Menards!”). Anyway, give it a listen:

So, what do you think? Any comparable US commercials that I might have missed recently?


6 thoughts on “Favorite UK Adverts

  1. Aww I love the warm fuzzy commercials! Those are so much better than the commercials here. Also, those are pretty long for commercials… that one with the bear is two minutes long! I think my favorite is the little boy waiting to give the present – precious! 🙂

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