Post surgery

It has been two full days since my surgery and I’m finally feeling well enough to sit up and type for a bit.

First of all, THANK YOU ALL for your prayers, kind messages, and support. It’s been encouraging and humbling to know so many people are praying for me, my family, and my healing.

The surgery was on Wednesday. The surgeon and anesthetist were both so encouraging and skilled. I’m terrible with needles, so the anesthetist suggested they give me the epidural after I went under, and that really helped. I woke up two hours later in the recovery area surrounded by wonderful nurses. Usually patients don’t spend long in that are area, but I was a special case – the anesthesia made my blood pressure drop very low, at one point to 60/40 – so they wanted to keep me there for further observation. I was quite shaky and queasy for the rest of the day, and I spent most of my time lying down.

Yesterday was rough. I remember lots of moaning, grumbling, and pain. There was some vomit, I’ll spare you the details. It was probably the worst day of my life as far as pain and general helplessness. The doctors were working very hard to figure out the right mix of pain killer and anti-nausea. And my already high level of respect for all members of the medical field was definitely raised. I’m in good hands here.

Today was much better… No vomit, yay! I was able to sit up and eat a little at every meal. I was able to have coffee. The physical therapist made me get up and walk over to the chair in the room to sit for a while. It hurt and I had a difficult time catching my breath, but I’m glad I did it. Later they removed my catheter (it will not be missed) and my epidural (I still had a partial spinal block) so now I can get up and use the restroom with just a little help. It gets easier every time, but I still feel exhausted after.

For now, please pray for:
– my incision and my the drainage tubes, that they continue to heal well
– strength and stability (and nausea control) as I get up and move around
– continued energy and endurance for Sam, who has been doing a wonderful job caring for me
– stillness (literally) as I rest and recover, so I don’t dislodge the bar
– healing of back pain I’ve been having from lying flat or sitting up straight, as I’ll have to do for the next several days

Even though I remember groaning, “Was this even worth it?” a few times yesterday, I am excited for the end results. I’m still hopeful that God will heal the accelerated heart rate, unsteady breathing, and lightheadedness that I had before; I also know the surgery will diminish the pressure that was on my heart. The doctors seemed pleased with the physical appearance of the fix. I know they’re coming from a purely medical point of view, but it does sound a little creepy when three men stand around and discuss the “definite improvement,” of you our chest region and how they’re “pleased with the result.” Ahem, thanks, but can I just go back to pretending you didn’t see any of that??

Once again, thank you thank you thank you for your prayers and please keep remembering me in the weeks after my surgery. The recovery is not over by any means and I cannot do this on my own. I am so thankful for my friends and family, no matter how far away.


5 thoughts on “Post surgery

  1. Leslie, thank you for this update. I am so happy you are feeling a little better. My memory goes back to March when Ben had his lung surgery and he had many of the same experiences you are having with the vomiting and right mix of pain meds, etc. I talked to him a bit last night about your surgery and I could see the empathy in his eyes. You will get through this and healing will continue to come bit by bit and know that you have many people who care and are praying.

  2. It was solo good to talk to you today. I know God has your recovery under control. Just be patient and take care of yourself.

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