“So, are you going crazy yet?”

(First of all, I apologize if you are an email subscriber… the WordPress app got a little over excited and emailed this out before I was ready to post. Please disregard the previous error-filled and photo-lacking post and read this one instead. Thanks!) 


Sam asked me that question a few days ago. “So, are you going crazy yet?” I’m not working at the moment and he knows I prefer to stay busy. This picture pretty accurately describes me, actually.


…then I love routine.

I haven’t “worked” since school let out in May. Besides that, from the time I was of working age, I can only think of one other summer that I didn’t work. In my working past I’ve peddled ice cream, chicken, coffee, coffee and bagels, coffee and pastries, oh and math and science. 🙂 I enjoy working, especially when it’s something I love doing, like making a quality cup of coffee or teaching a great group of kids (usually while drinking a quality cup of coffee).



To be honest, I didn’t expect to miss teaching quite this much. I absolutely loved teaching. Even on the days when it was hard to get up (almost daily), even on the days where I dreaded the required lesson planning and grading, even when tempted with the thought of doing something “easier” for a living… as soon as I walked into my classroom I was glad I was there and I was excited for the day. I thanked God often for the special students, school and faculty he blessed me with. But, as any teacher an attest, it is an exhausting career…



A quick Google search just told me that the average teaching career lasts 11 years, but I remember a professor mentioning that it’s around 4 years. Either number will show that teachers can burn out quickly. So, I expected this move and the break to be a nice rest from an exhausting job, but as my middle schoolers often post, truth is… I miss teaching! I have several teacher friends and as I see them posting about their classrooms, talking about new students, organizing, etc. I realize how much I miss it.  I’m taking a break from teaching for this year at least to adjust to our new life and start on my masters, but I know I’ll go back to teaching someday. Hopefully soon.

But to answer Sam’s question, no, I’m not going crazy (yet) being unemployed. I’m staying busy organizing and decorating the house, exploring the area, doing crafty things, making new friends, reading, and applying for master’s programs. And today, I woke up during the equivalent of 2nd period and I’m typing this in my pajamas… so there are a few perks of being unemployed. 🙂

I told Sam that this is THE red flag though…



I made him promise that if he comes home to find that my latent cat lady tendencies have come to the forefront and I’ve made friendship bracelets for the cats and myself, he has to make me get a job! 


2 thoughts on ““So, are you going crazy yet?”

  1. Oh my goodness, this cracked me up! Ryan is always calling me the cat lady because I am home so much studying and all I have are the cats to keep me company! I haven’t gotten to the friendship bracelet making stage, but there have been times that I thought I just may go crazy being stuck with my besties, the cats!

  2. I can so relate! I do have some part-time “education world” jobs… but I REALLY miss having my own classroom and my own students… and my own room to decorate and to take care of. It was so hard to watch all my teacher friends back in OK get ready for school, and to see the pictures of their classrooms on facebook! Also? the cat friendship bracelet picture almost made me spit out my coffee! HAHA!

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