Spiders, be warned.

We are getting settled into our new house quite nicely. By settled, I don’t mean we have our furniture or appliances yet, but we are here and we are enjoying it. And the owner left enough furniture for us to at least ditch our suitcases and feel settled.

Living in a “city” is a bit of a change for all of us, though a metropolis this is not.  🙂  We love that we’re close to the city center but still have a bit of privacy. Although, I do think it will take Tobester a while to ignore some of the typical city noises like honking and loud music. He’ll wake up and bark, having no clue what he’s barking at, and when doing his business he gets distracted quite easily.  It’s been great to be able to walk into town though. Just the other day Sam and I walked down to the city’s farmers market and butcher and got some great food. Wonderful fresh strawberries, gooseberries, onions, and then boar cider burgers, barbecue steak skewers, and aged cheddar from the butcher. I could get used to that!

We should get our appliances by the end of the week and we’re getting our cable set up tomorrow. Our internet will be set up next week, but we’re getting by with our cell phones as hotspots for now. That’s really nice to have. Still no word on when we might get our furniture and the rest of our stuff, but I’m praying its soon. For now, we’re living the simple life and I’m imagining where I’ll be putting everything.

My main task before our furniture and things arrive is spider control. Yes, you read that correctly. We have  a wee spider problem. Not even a problem, really, it’s just that in the past few weeks or months when this house was empty, a few spiders seemed to move in and claim it as their own. I’m sure you won’t be too surprised to find out that I don’t like spiders, nor do I want them in my house.

A perfectly reasonable reaction…

Now, I will admit, most of the spiders we’ve found are just the little daddy-long-leg-live-in-a-corner type. But there have been two that I would consider large. Sam laughed at my categorization, but in  my opinion, once you get past dime sized they are all big. Or at least I will react as if they are.

Once again, a perfectly reasonable reaction.

I’ve swept just about every corner, wiped down each window sill, and smooshed every spider in sight. And today I found a natural anti-spider spray and went through 3/4 of the bottle on our house. If that doesn’t work, then on to the unnatural stuff.

Spiders, you’re on notice.

Spiders, this is MY house now. You’ve been warned.

They will not be allowed under this roof… Between the cats snacking on them, the spray warding them off, the vacuum hose attachment, or me getting Sam to kill them, this will be a spider-less house. As least, as much as I can help it!


(By the way, please bear with me as I adjust the format of my blog. I’m trying to find a theme that allows for larger font and pictures, so I may change it a few times in the next week or so.)


One thought on “Spiders, be warned.

  1. So glad to learn that the spiders haven’t carried you off!!! I’m with ya — I don’t like spiders either! We had a spider in our garage one time years ago that was so big I swore it could have carried the cat away!!!!!! I sprayed remainder of can of bug spray directly on it and it still walked away! Did I mention it was on the rafters? Had it been on the floor I would have hunted it down and stepped on it and mashed that booger flat!!!!!! Anyway, I am traumatized for life, as are my girls. We ALL saw it!! I believe Denny found it and killed it the next day — good thing he knows how to use a gun!! (Only kidding).

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