Feeling blessed

It feels so good to say we are home! Last night we spent our first night in our new rental property, a.k.a our home for at least the next year. It is great to be in a place that is ours and to have our pets all back again!

We picked the pets up yesterday from the boarding place they had been at for three weeks. Toby flipped out as soon as he saw us and was jumping and prancing like a little puppy. He’s following us around the house (as usual) and exploring the new place. Every now and then he’ll perk up his ears or give a wimpy little bark to some strange city noise he’s not used to. It’s fun to watch. I think he’s wriggled around and rubbed his back on the floor of every room in the house so far. The cats are doing just great too. Muffins hid under the bed for most of the afternoon but then it was as if she turned off her anti-social switch and she came looking for us for some pets. She was purring and following us around in no time after that. Peanut Butter… well, she’s always been a little unique. She loves us and wants us to pet her one minute and is hissing at her old cat bed the next. I think she also may have become nocturnal in these last few weeks. Hopefully she gets back to normal soon, but she’s still healthy and about as happy as a cat ever gets.  🙂  And for now, all three pets are napping off the last three weeks. This is probably the most peace and quiet they’ve had in a while!

Thankfully our rental house is “partially furnished” – meaning the owner just left some of his stuff here – so we have some dressers, a kitchen table and chairs, a couch and some other random furniture to get us by until our other stuff gets delivered. We don’t have a date on that yet but hopefully it will be soon.  We’ve been without most of our belongings since May, and while being transient did get old after a while, this whole time has made me immeasurably thankful. We packed up our entire house (minus a few suitcases) months ago but God has provided everything we’ve needed since then. Most of us are so blessed (and so surrounded by blessings!) that we lose sight of God’s provision. And, at least for me, when I think that something maybe might possibly somehow perchance not work out as planned I lose sight of God’s provision even more. The prideful “I can handle this. Step aside.” mentality takes over and I push God’s helping hand out of the way before I’ve given him the chance to show me how he’s working or how blessed I am. Numbers 11:23 has always been one of my favorite verses and a great reminder. “The Lord answered Moses,

“Is the Lord’s arm too short?””

Moses, though an incredible leader appointed by God, was a foolish sinner (aren’t we all?) who continually doubted God’s provision. I can’t imagine how Moses felt when God asked him this question.  I would be ashamed. God’s arm is never to short to provide for his people. But we can’t, like a foolish child, smack the arm away that is trying to help us. The Lord’s arm is long enough to meet us and provide for any and every need if we trust his timing and his reach.

But… back to the blessings. 🙂 Sam and I are so thankful for this home God has provided. Is it perfect? No. Is it spotless? Heh, no. (I’m working on it!)  But I pray God uses it as a blessing in our lives and in the lives of those who enter through the doors,

For our first dinner in the new house, we ordered “take away” from a nearby Chinese restaurant. We planned on stopping by the ATM on the way to pull out a few pounds to pay for it. As we were getting ready to leave, we hear a knock on the door. It’s our food! Aaaand we have no money. The delivery man kindly drove Sam to the ATM so he could get out the money and pay. I’m still confident that I did say take away and not delivery, but they were kind and forgiving about the miscommunication. And the food was so good. In North Dakota I missed great Chinese food, but I think I’ll be having it often here. YUM! By the way, has anyone ever eaten (or enjoyed) prawn crackers? They were free with our purchase and they were… odd.

We then went to a nearby grocery store and oh my goodness, it was beautiful. It wasn’t crowded, it was very clean and neat, and the choices were amazing! So many healthy options for everything. I was impressed. And their brand of Windex spells amazing. (Yes, that was a selling point for me.)  I can’t wait to shop there regularly.  I’m also looking forward to checking out the market on Saturday. So much to do! But for now, since we have no coffee pot yet, I will take a clue from the pets and nap as well. 🙂


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