Word of the week: HOUSE

The word that has been spoken the most and that has definitely been floating around in my mind  for various reasons this week is HOUSE. Let me tell you why:

1) We finally closed on our house we were selling back in the states! Woo hoo! It feels good! 🙂 And we used some of that money to completely pay off all of our school loans and any other debts. That’s right, we are DEBT FREE! And that feels GREAT! What a praise!

It does feel a little strange to be done with that house.  That was our first experience with home ownership. We did quite a bit of work on it, and were surprised by things that required fixing a long the way, but it was worth it. We loved that house!  But, with that being said, we are looking forward to being renters for a while. “Hey, this is broken. You can haz fix my house?” … And that leads me to reason #2 why “house” is the word of the week.


2) We are in the midst of house hunting over here.  We finally decided on a property that we liked (okay, maybe even loved a little) and started to move on that. We contacted the proper people and were waiting for an inspection. Well we just heard back from that and there was a fairly long list of things that need fixing in the house. Hmm. But! It sounds like the landlord and agency will be doing those repairs “by the end of the week.”  I’m praying that’s true so we can still get going on that house and MOVE IN SOON! And that leads me to reason #3, and one of the many reasons why I want to move so soon!


3) We are in temporary housing right now until we can move into our new house, whatever that might be. And it’s not too bad, basically a hotel. We’ve been making the best of it, even though we really just want to be settled in our future home.  Well, they’re doing some water leak repairs in other rooms here this week and that required them to shut off the water during the day for two days.  A minor inconvenience. But then, we got a call saying that actually we are now on a boil notice for the next week, at least. Fair to say, a slightly larger inconvenience.  I’m having flashbacks to the post-flood “Just boil the [expletive] water!” days of a few summers ago.  Let’s just say the fact that I can’t wash my hands, brush my teeth, or wash dishes in the water here – and that since this isn’t my house I don’t have anything else to make this problem easier – makes me want to move into a new house even more. And it was a sad coincidence that the evening before we got the boil notice I used the large pot (that I would use for boiling water) for dinner and left it soaking in the sink overnight… well, now what do I do? Boil water in a dirty pot? Wash it in bacteria water and then boil water in it? Boil little pots at a time until I have enough water to wash it? Do nothing?      Bingo.

Isn’t this picture adorable? I might just order this for my new house.


(The total “house” count for this post is: 16)


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