Fun Food Finds

Let me just tell you… I cannot wait to have a kitchen again. And to be able to grocery shop, and prepare a full meal. Even the thought of leftovers makes me happy. We are pretty tired of fast food and eating out for at least one meal a day.

But for now, we’ve eaten out quite a bit. And along the way, I spotted some interesting “crisp” flavors.

Tastes like chicken.

Tastes like chicken.

Yum, yum, yumyumyum, it's BACON!

Yum, yum, yumyumyum, it’s BACON!



I'm sorry... what??

I’m sorry… what??

I’m seriously intrigued by the prawn cocktail flavor. I will be trying that at some point. They also had a cheddar onion flavor (made with cheese from Somerset!).

Just as great as the flavor themselves is the adjective paired with it:  Simply Roast Chicken, Definitively Prawn Cocktail (you can’t argue with that!), Famously Worcester Sauce, and Scruptiously Smoked Bacon. Even their crisps are classy.

Also, at the Subway we stopped at here, they offered white american cheese or pepperjack. Except, the pepperjack is actually american cheese with pepper flakes, not what is pepperjack in the states. I thought that was interesting!

But, the best meal that I’ve had by far was at a little restaurant yesterday. They have roasts on Sundays and I ordered the turkey roast. It was delicious. Roast turkey served with gravy, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes (that were perfectly crunchy), cranberry sauce, carrots, cabbage and carrots.  Try not to drool on your electronic device of choice:

Good gravy!

Good gravy!

The first veggies I'd eaten in a few days... oops.

The first veggies I’d eaten in a few days… oops.

White coffee and a biscuit. Weak, but tasty.

White coffee and a biscuit. Weak, but tasty.

If that turkey meal were a crisp flavor, I’d call it Terrifically Turkey Roast.


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