Jet lag’d

Stay awake? No.

Stay awake? No.

Yesterday, Sam had the pleasure of dealing with grumpy-wife. Not all day- I was nice and chipper until about 2 p.m. – just the afternoon, when my body was trying it’s hardest to fall asleep. All of a sudden, I was exhausted.  My head was spinning and I felt like I was moving around while I was sitting. This “am I on a boat?” feeling happened when I went to Australia too. I only remember feeling jet lagged for a few days there, so I’m hoping this doesn’t stick around long.

I did not nap yesterday though; I forced myself to stay awake. I even jogged a mile! But then, come bedtime, I was not tired. At all. We had late night snacks and checked out some late-night British t.v. at around midnight… it was weird and hilarious… and then I finally fell asleep around 12:30. But, I slept solid til 9 and woke up feeling refreshed! Here’s hoping I don’t feel too jet lagged today! England is so beautiful, the people are wonderful and we can’t wait to explore. I know I’ll enjoy it even more when I’ve adjusted.

The plan for today is our own personal House Hunters International… we have a few properties in mind that we’re going to go check out with some local agencies. We’ll see how it goes! I’ll post pictures about it later.

We also have our own right-side-driven rental car that Sam has been driving us around in. He’s doing so well!  He’s mastered the small 2-lane roundabout already too. They actually make sense once you realize which lane you’re supposed to go to.

Most of the traffic signs are illustrated clearly and some don’t even have words. This was one of my favorites from our drive back from the airport.

Someday my prince will come…

We bring our “Official Highway Code” book for the UK and just check out signs we don’t understand as we go. And Sam just spent the last 10 minutes on Google street view checking out our drive today (and figuring out the larger roundabouts) so I think we’re well prepared. Or at least we can “fake it til we make it.” And hopefully not run up on too many curbs while trying to find the correct lane position.

Curb check!

Curb check!

(Although, that sign actually means “loose chippings.”)


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