Praying us along

In the next few days we will begin our journey across the pond. So, will you please pray for us? We are incredibly excited about this new adventure and we are so thankful for everyone who is lifting us up in prayer. Here’s how you can pray:

  • My visa is not exactly in my hands yet… heh. If all goes as planned I will have it before we need to leave. Please pray with me that it will come in time. 
  • Our pets will be accompanying us on the trip. Please pray they remain healthy and calm during our long trip. They will be in their crates for almost an entire day, getting maneuvered around loud and strange places by people they don’t know. Please pray that they are taken care of well and, once again, that they remain calm. Especially our pup, Toby. 
  • Will you please pray for calm hearts and minds as we travel as well? My head is already spinning a bit thinking about the whole process from here to there. But, I need to be reminded to trust God and be still. 
  • Finally, please pray that we can trust God’s timing and plan even if it differs from ours. There may be delays, set backs, reschedulings, etc. along the way. There may be “unforeseen circumstances.” But please pray that we will see God’s plan in the midst of whatever might happen. Also, please pray that we can be a blessing to those we come into contact with along the way; showing them the light of Christ through all we do. 

Once again, thank you for lifting us up in prayer! We are incredibly grateful! And, most likely, next time you read this blog, it’ll be an update from the UK! 


3 thoughts on “Praying us along

  1. I’m so happy you started a blog!!! We get to keep up with you guys 🙂 We most certainly will be praying for you guys as you travel. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures from across the pond.


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