Goodbye, ND!

Just about 4 years ago, after a very long and eventful drive, we pulled into the oil-boomed, prairie state of North Dakota. Me and Sam and our kitty, Muffins. All the people who hadn’t been to ND told us we’d hate it; the people who had been there said we’d love it. I figured it was all in your attitude… and though mine wavered a bit every winter, I learned to love North Dakota.

About 4 years ago though, that was yet to be determined. I remember the day we first moved into our hole of a rental house. Wow, it was terrible. I think every newly married couple should do a stint in a tiny, filthy rental.  It makes everything else seem great.  🙂 Because of the crazy housing market, the hubs and I had to sign a lease before even seeing the rental house. The 950-square-foot house that was advertised turned out to be some sort of overpriced-shag-carpeted-DIY-miniature-house, with about 425 of that square-feet in a wet, basically unusable basement. Everything in it seemed to be hand-made, and poorly at that, and was obviously made for small people. Like, really small people.  We aren’t tall people, and door frames and ceilings were close calls for even us in some rooms.  When we picked up the key and met the movers for the delivery of our stuff, I remember standing and watching all of the boxes get dropped off and thinking something along the lines of, “I live here now, I live here now,… I live here now?!”  Sam could tell I was getting overwhelmed and took me out for some fresh air on the motorcycle. I remember riding through the countryside crying into my helmet. “What are we doing here?” “Will I ever like it here?” “What am I going to do with myself if when Sam goes somewhere?” But, in that moment of emotional pile-up, a peace came over me. The peace of God. And that, more than anything, summarizes our time in North Dakota.


It wasn’t always immediate, but as soon as I was ready to shut up or suck it up and listen, God gave me peace.

Peace when applying for a job, and during my first year of teaching. Peace when Sam immediately left for about 6 months. Peace when winter settled in and made itself comfortable, year after year. Peace when I needed a friend. Peace when our town was in turmoil and our church was flooded. Peace in the waiting and rebuilding, afterward. Peace when Sam was deployed. Peace when saying goodbye to so many dear friends. God is great and so is his provision. Why do I ever doubt?

So, as Sam and I proceed into this next crazy adventure, I know God will grant us peace for the journey. I also pray that he uses us along the way, and teaches us as he did in North Dakota.  I’m not saying I won’t have a good helmet-sob-session once we arrive, but I know that if I do, God will be there to comfort me.  The verse I keep quoting to myself is, “Be still and know…”

I made this blog to talk about many things: interesting cultural differences or observations, possible cultural foibles I make, things I learn along the way, updates on our day-to-day lives, places we go to and pictures we take, things I find funny, etc.  I hope you enjoy! If you want to subscribe by email, you should be able to do that in the side menu.  Thanks for reading.

Cheers, mate!


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